Why You Need to Assess Your DevOps Maturity

Why You Need to Assess Your DevOps Maturity

How do you know if you’re ready to deploy DevOps successfully?

After all, according to CA Technologies, only 20 percent of enterprises that have attempted to implement DevOps have fully deployed it. In fact, DevOps practices form a complex machine with many moving parts, including people, processes, and technology. Some businesses are more prepared to deploy DevOps than others. The challenge is to know how mature your business is before diving in.

Moonshot’s own research into DevOps, which includes a recent survey of U.S. IT professionals, indicates that businesses cry out for a discipline DevOps adoption process that includes assessing current DevOps maturity:

devops maturity 1

As we have blogged in a series of posts about DevOps, too many businesses lack a codified approach for deploying DevOps, and such an approach needs to assess DevOps readiness. In an earlier post, we discussed how DevOps stumbling blocks typically occur around a failure to manage people, processes, and technology effectively. Many businesses consider DevOps a technology issue and underinvest in the processes and right resources to manage DevOps well – in other words, they often lack maturity around people and processes.

We believe that assessing maturity around the three core elements of people, processes, and technology will properly assess your business’s strength and weaknesses in deploying DevOps. Such an assessment, excerpted from our research, might look like this:

devops maturity 2

In the example cited above, an organization successfully assessed its areas of maturity (and immaturity) in crucial technology areas such as testing automation and release cycles; process areas such as the presence of agile practices; and people management areas such as whether specialized training programs exist. Such an assessment helped the organization understand vulnerabilities it needed to address before deploying DevOps.

Our recently published report, A Guide for Successful DevOps Adoption (available on request), provides more detail on assessing DevOps maturity in context of a five-step road map for managing DevOps effectively. The report is based on our deep experience with DevOps. Moonshot can help you assess your DevOps maturity based on our expertise and perspective. Contact Moonshot.  We’re here to help.

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