Embracing the voice Revolution

For many brands, voice remains a “cherry on top” – a luxury compared to digital channels that promise a more immediate return. 

But behind the hype, the world really has entered the voice era. Over 110 million Americans use voice-enabled devices. Globally, around 3.25 billion voice assistants are currently in use. 

But voice is more than just an Alexa skill or vanity project. It’s the connective tissue between modern digital experiences and systems. On mobile, at the point of sale, on enterprise applications, voice will change how we work, search, and buy. 

As a result, voice strategy needs the flexibility to think big – embracing internal and external uses across the whole organization – while starting small, finding quick wins and real returns.

Unlocking the Value of Voice

design sprints

Design Sprints

Driven by our FUEL methodology, we work with your team in design sprints to solve complex problems, form workable concepts, and go from prototype to Minimum Loveable Product in as little as four days.

Fit-Based Innovation

To ensure the voice experience meets user needs and fills market gaps, Pactera EDGE puts concepts and products to the test, drawing insights and validation from real users on scalability and fit.

Voice Skill Development

We leverage a range of technologies and platforms to build compelling, voice applications and products at speed, delivering frictionless experiences with an accelerated time to market.

Voice Skill Localization

Localizing voice means much more than translation, requiring attention to culture, accents, and idiom. The world-class Pactera EDGE team delivers truly global voice experiences.

Modern Voice Applications


Point of Sale

Allow customers to place an order and even pay by voice, for a frictionless online interaction or a streamlined retail experience. 


Automated Helpdesk Service

Employees can quickly find answers to common IT, HR, or other questions simply by asking, saving internal resources.


Sales Enablement

Augment the skills and expertise of your sales team with intelligent suggestions on what products and solutions to sell and when. 

Future Unified Experience Lifecycle

To know what customers really want, we step into their shoes. Our FUEL methodology blends design thinking with lean innovation, guiding us to the needs and emotions that drive user behavior, and accelerating innovation to create a Minimum Loveable Product. 


Voice-enabled experiences are the new growth channel for today’s brands because they not only demonstrate a company’s ability to innovate, they also create a way for brands to connect, automate, and operationalize every part of their business.


Mark Persaud, Head of Emerging Experiences