Using machine learning to expand a skills-based education program

Leveraging automation engineering and advanced speech technology, Pactera EDGE created an engaging chatbot platform designed to promote internal certification programs and improve the skillsets of a tech-savvy workforce.
Machine Learning Education Program

A global telecommunications and technology leader with more than $49 billion in annual revenue, our client had launched an advanced online education and certification program for company employees. But employees lacked timely information on what certifications were available, or reminders on when to sign up for courses. As a result, many courses experienced poor employee attendance, and training budgets went largely unutilized. The client needed a better way to help workers take advantage of the program. 

Pactera EDGE was engaged to create an automated solution that could provide employees with course recommendations, assist with the sign-up process, and send reminders of upcoming classes in order to boost course attendance and training completions. 

Key Successes 

  • Developed a digital learning assistant to engage employees with relevant course information and reminders  
  • 25% improvement in training course subscriptions 
  • 30% boost in training completions

Strategic Recommendations 

Through a detailed discovery process, Pactera EDGE determined the solution would not only need to integrate seamlessly with the client’s proprietary scheduling, meeting, and messaging software, it would need to be an effective, engaging tool that motivated employees to sign up for relevant courses. 

Our solution was to create an automated, fully integrated chatbot powered by machine learning and cloud-based technologies to drive user interaction and improve course outcomes. 

Tech Framework Creation  

Equipped with a clear strategy, Pactera EDGE engineers first developed a machine learning algorithm that leveraged user characteristics, employee interaction, and collaborative filtering to provide course recommendations for employees. 

With the recommendation engine completed, our team leveraged its cloud speech, translation, and dialogue flow expertise to create a knowledge base for chatbot development. 

Chatbot Development

Once the foundational technology was in place, our team engineered a chatbot that analyzed a wide range of inputs, delivering suitable course recommendations algorithmically based on a user’s role and course history via live messaging.  

Connected to internal and external learning resources, the chatbot would also remind users of upcoming courses, engage users with quizzes to prepare them for training, point users to their learning destination to ensure attendance, and deploy surveys to collect feedback after course completion. 


Through machine learning algorithm development, chatbot engineering, and cloud-based speech technologies, Pactera EDGE helped the client drive a 25 percent boost in training course sign-ups. And with more relevant classes being offered, in addition to pre-course reminders and quizzes, the client saw a 35 percent improvement in training completions, setting the stage for a fully trained, highly skilled workforce.