Pactera White Paper Reveals 85 percent of AI Projects Ultimately Fail

77 Percent of Those Surveyed Report Facing Barriers to Entry from Senior Management Not Seeing Value or Wanting to Make the Investment

NEW YORK, June 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Pactera Technologies, NA Inc., a leading global technology company, in association with Nimdzi Insights, an influential consultant to the language services industry, released a white paper today revealing 85 per cent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects ultimately fail to deliver on their intended promises to business.

The white paper, entitled Artificial Intelligence: Localization Winners, Losers, Heroes, Spectators, and You, outlines tremendous growth that exists in AI, as well as myriad challenges, specifically in localization, where promising AI solutions await wider adoption.

Pactera and Nimdzi Insights presented the white paper to a select group of tech industry leaders including Facebook, Adobe, Amazon and Microsoft at a private event in Seattle, WA to hear the initial findings of the report. 100% of the leading tech companies surveyed at the event want to use AI powered Neural Machine Translation (NMT), for example, because it would allow them to quickly localize content in 72 languages or more. But only 23 per cent currently use the technology, while 77 per cent report facing a barrier to entry because senior management either doesn't see the value in NMT or desire to make the investment in it.

NMT is advanced Artificial Intelligence technology that greatly enhances a business's ability to quickly translate content and systems as part of the localization process. A large company, like Amazon for instance, can use NMT to efficiently localize branded content in 72 different languages or more.

The findings reinforce a mindset in large corporations that, given the fact that some 85% of AI projects fail to meet business objectives, enterprises are cautious about adopting new AI technologies.

"Interestingly enough, human vision, guidance and input ultimately play a big part of an AI project's success," said Jose Martinez, Vice President of Digital Innovations and Solutions at Pactera. "Identifying business goals that AI can readily achieve, like Neural Machine Translation, and managing the teams that scrutinize data is what ultimately improve a business's leveraging of AI. This is where Pactera is firmly placing its focus."

Pactera assists businesses in identifying, defining and most importantly, prioritizing their digital transformation - harnessing the latest innovations in AI, Globalization and Data Science, to ensure their projects are part of an AI success story.

To download the whitepaper entitled: Artificial Intelligence, Localization Winners, Losers, Heroes, Spectators, and Youvisit this link.

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