Pactera EDGE Virtual Fireside Chat

Where is Trade Promotion Management/Optimization Headed?
Pactera EDGE Virtual Fireside Chat

Where is trade promotion management (TPM) and optimization headed in a post-Covid world? Wayne Akoka, Program Director (CPG) at Pactera EDGE, participated in a fireside chat with Giansereno Acquistapace, Director IT Sales Systems at Kraft Heinz Company, and Lisa Johnson, Managing Editor of Consumer Goods Technology, to discuss answers during a virtual fireside chat recently. 

During the conversation, they shared how the pandemic affected the ability of TPM programs to respond quickly as retail and consumer products businesses were disrupted. They discussed the need to use data more intelligently and quickly to be responsive with TPM, which leads to a heightened interest in artificial intelligence (AI). 

“Intelligent digital platforms are more important than ever because you have to make decisions at speed and scale,” said Wayne Akoka. He added, “The platform needs to be human centric as well.”

To learn more and get further insight about the role of AI and intelligent experiences, watch the presentation below.