Pactera's OneForma Now Enables and Infuses AI Making It the Industry's Most Versatile Language Services Tool


Robust, Cloud-based, Project Management Platform Executes Flawless Large-scale, High-Volume AI Data and Localization Projects

NEW YORK, June 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Pactera Technology International Ltd., a leading global technology services company, announced today an update to its powerful and multi-tiered End-to-End Program management platform, OneForma, now making it the premier business solution for complex AI data and Language Services campaigns.

With the ability to enable and infuse AI into OneForma's already powerful framework of tools, Pactera has engineered a single-source solution that seamlessly converges multiple and separate language service lines. The result is one connected framework, which effectively removes the common challenges that traditionally plague large scale de-centralized teams – challenges like lack of visibility, interoperability, scalability and quality control.   

The newest version of the ever-evolving OneForma platform covers production steps, resource recruitment, training, testing, financial management and analytics all on one cloud-based environment, giving AI model developers and Language teams complete visibility and control over their project-critical data.

"OneForma has evolved into the market's most useful data management framework, providing our clients with consistent and efficient program management journeys," said Jonas Ryberg, Pactera's Vice President of Digital Globalization Solutions. "Now, thanks to recent major upgrades, OneForma leverages the increasing cross-pollination between traditional language services and AI-related data services and presents the industry with an omnipotent, scalable, language services solution suite. This is key to ensure AI-centric projects are successful, as mentioned in our recently published white paper ("

AI and language services are quickly converging as businesses increasingly need products and services delivered with lightning speed across borders. AI enabled and infused technologies are tearing down the traditional impediments to responsiveness allowing, for instance, global shipment companies that employ artificial intelligence to read labels written in English, translate them to a number of languages, and digitize them at lightning speed. OneForma has the flexibility and versatility to take-on virtually any localization or globalization project, making use of Pactera's leading AI Enablement Service, managed by its pool of over 100,000 worldwide localization resources.

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