Reimagining hospitality for the modern guest

Today’s guests expect more

Amenities like free Wi-Fi are now standards, and guest expectations have changed accordingly. Players in travel and hospitality need to embrace this change and meet – or better yet, exceed – their patrons’ expectations.

Today’s guests expect more

Credit is still an obstacle – and it’s here to stay

Credit transactions remain a hindrance on cashflow, potentially delaying payment as much as 90 days. But it’s clear that credit isn’t going anywhere, and it’s on businesses to adapt.

Credit is still an obstacle – and it’s here to stay

Shrinking cost means rethinking business

It’s no secret that daily-use products have risen in price and will likely rise more in the future. Cutting daily costs means completely rethinking how businesses handle wastage, stock, and inventory.

Shrinking cost means rethinking business

Improving the world of leisure through data, engineering, and a feel for the cutting edge

Pactera EDGE is a trusted ally for travel and hospitality brands looking to thrive in the digital world.

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Transformation Consulting

It’s one thing to have a slick website, but brands that want to thrive in digital need to rethink how they do business from the ground up. Pactera EDGE consultants go hands-on to chart a path toward digital transformation, helping tackle the complex cultural and business hurdles that come with it.
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Digital Products + Marketplaces

Pactera EDGE helps brands turn concept into reality by providing the engineering and business smarts to create trend-setting digital products. Our team owns the entire digital product lifecycle, from prototyping to deployment, instilling best practices to ensure teams get the most out of their new product.
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Data Analytics & Modernization

Whether front of house or on the back-end, your business can benefit from greater data visibility. Pactera EDGE deploys the infrastructure to procure, curate, and activate data, so your team can unearth new insights, spot new opportunity, and strategically manage cost.
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AI-Driven Language Services

By leveraging AI, we help businesses localize and personalize messaging for practically any consumer. In an industry that is, by nature, global, this can make the difference between a good experience and something truly memorable.
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Engineering Services

Behind the scenes, your systems, platforms, and delivery methods are making all the difference. Thanks to our rich IT background, the Pactera EDGE team offers a breadth of experience implementing engineering solutions that build stronger businesses.
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Next Gen Experiences

Travel and hospitality are ever-changing; Just a few years ago we lived in a world without Airbnb, Uber, or Seamless. Tomorrow promises even more innovation, which is why our team is working today to craft disruptive, cutting-edge experiences that leverage the power of voice, AR, VR and more.
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Digital Agency Services

Partner with a world-class agency dedicated to business success. Our team has extensive experience in branding and marketing, not to mention a deep understanding of what makes the modern consumer tick.
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China Enablement

The Chinese market is ripe with opportunity, but brands on the outside often struggle to find a foothold. With a deep footprint in both China and the US, Pactera EDGE offers a rare dual understanding of these markets – and uses that insight to enable change-making business moves.