Remaining relevant in the era of media disruption

Disruption has transformed entertainment

The entertainment industry has seen a surge of disruption in recent years, notably through the rise of streaming services. For established ecosystems, these changes create uncertainty for long-established business models.

Disruption has transformed entertainment

New competitors create new pressures

Competition for both advertisers and viewers has increased, and audiences grow further divided as competing services vie for subscribers. The result: added pressure on topline performance and rising prices for content and talent.

New competitors create new pressures

Customers control their consumption

Not so long ago, customers waited for air dates and media companies called the shots. That’s no longer the case. Now that customers consume content on their terms, businesses need to move strategically to meet expectations.


Elevating entertainment brands through cutting-edge tech

Pactera EDGE helps media brands get agile, embrace digital, and keep pace in an industry that loves to innovate.

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Transformation Consulting

The Pactera EDGE team goes hands-on with entertainment brands to impart the culture, tactics, and knowledge necessary to drive digital transformation. We’re committed to making data-driven, actionable recommendations that help you implement your vision for digital.
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Digital Products

Pactera EDGE’s digital expertise makes us a strategic and technical ally for brands looking to concept, prototype, and deploy impactful digital products.
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Data Analytics & Modernization

Our team is empowering modern brands by providing them the tools for greater data visibility and the knowledge to turn their business data into actionable insights.
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AI-Driven Language Services

Localize, personalize, and translate with new precision and efficiency. By employing a network of human language experts and leveraging the power of intelligent systems, the Pactera EDGE team enables brands to deliver engaging experiences on a global scale.
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Global Data Curation Services

Quality data is the heart of every intelligent system. By optimizing your data pipeline and employing tactics for improved data hygiene, Pactera EDGE eliminates bad data and sets the stage for greater productivity.
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Artificial Intelligence

The applications of artificial intelligence are many. Pactera EDGE helps brands identify where intelligent systems can help them, then takes the steps to create, deploy, and train systems for specific business needs.
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Next Gen Experiences

To stay relevant, entertainment brands need a partner on the frontier of tech. As a global technology authority, Pactera EDGE is ready to build tomorrow’s milestone experiences for today’s brands.
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Digital Agency Services

Unlock the power of a full-service digital agency. When brands partner with Pactera EDGE, they tap into a multi-skilled team of marketers, branding experts, designers and more, ready to help them realize business success.
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China Enablement

The opportunity in China is massive but breaking into such a unique market takes a native perspective. With headquarters in China and a deep understanding of both Western and Chinese markets, Pactera EDGE offers rare perspective to brands looking expand their market horizons.