Beyond business as usual in an industry defined by efficiency

Transport costs are on the rise

The cost of transport has grown, mainly due to rising fuel costs, wage increases, and inflation. The need to ship products is inescapable, so it’s on businesses to take a strategic approach to managing their transportation costs.

Transport costs are on the rise

More data than ever

In addition to coordinating operations, logistics managers are involved in processing huge amounts of data on a regular basis. This is time-consuming and tedious when done manually, creating a need for effective automation.

More data than ever

Manpower must be managed at scale

Logistics managers and staff are often placed in diverse locations, which can complicate personnel management. Accommodating for a decentralized team requires new ways of thinking, plus a suite of tailored tools and solutions.

Manpower must be managed at scale

Solutions to managers’ toughest logistical challenges

Pactera EDGE brings a business-aware perspective to the logistics conversation and sets companies of all sizes up for market success.

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Transformation Consulting

When logistics leaders make changes, they’re often touching deeply embedded parts of a business. That can mean change from the factory floor to the C-suite. Our team helps guide business evolution by introducing and contextualizing change and laying a clear roadmap toward success.
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Digital Products + Marketplaces

The most pressing logistics obstacles can only be tackled with new products and platforms. Leveraging a network of tech, engineering, and business experts, Pactera EDGE helps businesses go from concept to prototype, to final product.
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Enterprise Applications + Platforms

For today’s largest logistics businesses, Pactera EDGE is a partner for progress. We convene with logistics leaders and help conceive, develop, and deploy best-in-class platforms that transform operations and are ready for a global stage.
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Data Analytics & Modernization

Data speaks volumes about cost, inefficiencies, and opportunities. We empower logistics leaders by providing the infrastructure and technology to capture business data and glean critical business insights.
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Global Data Curation Services

Logistics leaders should learn from data, but bad data can steer them in the wrong direction. Through a combination of human evaluation and intelligent systems, Pactera EDGE curates quality data, improves the data pipeline, and works to reduce risk across the board.
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Artificial Intelligence

Pactera EDGE is among the world’s leaders in intelligent systems. Working closely with today most ambition businesses, we conceptualize, engineer, and train AI frameworks to help businesses clear logistics hurdles.
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Engineering Services

When businesses partner with Pactera EDGE, they gain access to a global engineering authority ready to pioneer innovative solutions, whether that’s embedded technology, cloud infrastructure, or the next step in AI.
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Digital Agency Services

For businesses seeking agency-grade creative and business guidance, our team of marketing and branding professionals are a valuable ally ready to work for business success.
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China Enablement

Entering the Chinese market requires a fresh lens on business logistics. Thanks to our roots in China, Pactera EDGE is uniquely equipped to help businesses enter the Chinese market with confidence.