Helping insurance companies innovate in the evolving digital world

Thinking short- and long-term is tough

As consumer protection laws create new challenges for insurance companies, compliance can get pushed ahead of long-term growth planning. Yet with fierce competition, businesses must forge a path to digital transformation.

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Customer choice is greater than ever

Today’s customers have their pick of providers, making it all the more critical for insurance companies to stand out. Being memorable requires out-of-the box thinking and marketing that leaves no strategic stone unturned.

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Next gen technologies remain a challenge

Providing quick answers and easy-to-find solutions to customers can be challenging. Without automation, around-the-clock, next-generation service and elevated customer experiences will remain out of reach.

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Helping insurance companies leverage digital transformation to stay competitive

From data and platforms to marketing and AI, Pactera EDGE delivers the skills and experience to help insurance companies thrive.


Transformation Consulting

Our transformation consulting services empower insurance companies to take on more advanced business initiatives by instilling the skills, best practices, and culture to successfully drive digital transformation at scale and strengthen the organization.
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Enterprise Applications

Pactera EDGE works with insurance companies to develop best-in-class platforms and infrastructure that seamlessly integrate with the existing ecosystem and break new ground in business efficiency and customer care.
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Data Analytics & Modernization

Data informs decision-making at every level of the insurance industry. We help companies leverage data analytics to achieve true business impact, equipping them with the tools to gather data, and the visibility to develop clear insights and smarter strategies that transform the organization.
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Artificial Intelligence

Pactera EDGE designs and engineers AI-infused products to drive efficiencies for insurance brands. Our clients can leverage B2B and B2C chatbots, predictive and cognitive analytics, and localization and personalization to enhance service delivery and set new operational goals and benchmarks.

Digital Agency Services

Our agency-grade strategy and marketing services help insurance companies develop new tactics to reach prospects and engage customers by developing and executing the digital experiences that drive interaction and build long-term brand affinity.