Helping the medical industry manage the challenge of change

Interoperability is essential

Wrestling with electronic health records is effort-intensive and time-consuming. Platforms simply don’t exchange data seamlessly, stifling innovation and making patient data harder to access.

Interoperability is essential

Outdated tech is a burden

Most hospitals today have integrated technology into their workflows. But what happens when a tech vendor stops support? Outdated technology stresses IT, but healthcare professionals – with their famously tight schedules – struggle to find time to learn a new tech.

Outdated tech is a burden

Tracking is lacking

Many hospitals track their own assets, from printers to hospital beds. Electronic health record systems offer this functionality with bar codes, tags, and software, but few offer truly comprehensive tracking of inventory.

Tracking is lacking

Making today’s most advanced tech work for healthcare

Pactera EDGE is a partner for players in the healthcare industry who want to transform operations and realize technology’s full potential.

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Transformation Consulting

With innovation comes new challenges. The Pactera EDGE team helps businesses harness the power of new technology and infrastructure by instilling the thinking, tactics, skills, and culture necessary for ground-up change.
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Data Analytics & Modernization

By implementing a bevy of data infrastructure technologies, Pactera EDGE gives medical brands and institutions visibility into their data – and the tools to do something with it.
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Artificial Intelligence

The specific needs of the medical industry make it an exciting frontier for artificial intelligence. Our network of AI experts can build and train intelligent frameworks to solve for specific healthcare needs, then oversee their strategic deployment across all parts of a business.
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Digital Agency Services

Get agency-grade expertise and a global sensibility. Pactera EDGE offers healthcare organizations access to a multi-disciplinary team of digital branding and marketing experts.