The next phase of retail

Retail is entering a post-COVID world, facing changes that will endure long after the pandemic recedes.  

The biggest story is the explosive growth of eCommerce – even among formerly low- or non-users – which is testing retailers’ mastery of digital channels and ability to deliver personalized experiences at scale. 

Meanwhile, the shake-up of consumer habits under lockdown has left brand loyalties more fluid than ever before. For retailers, this spells opportunity – but also a need to stay close to the customers they’ve worked so hard to win. 

These dramatic changes will also leave their mark on physical retail. As shoppers return to stores, smaller footprints and truly differentiated experiences will be key to luring back customers.


Refined over decades, augmented by technology, and supported by industry-leading talent, Pactera EDGE’s localization process means quality, efficiency, and affordability in any language.  


Intelligent Solutions for Retail

Pactera EDGE makes an impact across the value chain, from manufacturing to logistics, distribution, marketing, and point of sale.

Data Governance

Retailers collect customers’ personal data – but may not know where or how it’s stored. We automate the identification of sensitive data, enabling and creating proper data governance.

AI Enablement

From creating and curating training data sets, to ingesting, labeling and annotating data, Pactera EDGE is your partner for an AI-ready data pipeline.

Retail AI Solutions

AI will help solve an array of problems in the retail sector. From demand forecasting to fraud detection, AI solutions built by our center of excellence can tackle your toughest challenges.

Application Engineering

Pactera EDGE brings the engineering talent and experience mindset to build applications that are lovable, not just functional – driving adoption and ROI.

Localization Services

Customers should get the same great experience wherever they are in the world. Pactera EDGE localizes copy, user experience, and more in ways that are relevant, respectful, and engaging.