Reimagining fleet management to achieve true digital transformation

To create a path to agile enablement and deployment, Pactera EDGE helped build a business framework focused on user experience and operational excellence.
Reimaging Fleet Management

A North American leader in truck leasing, sales, and rentals, our client managed and supported an extensive fleet. It planned to launch an advanced, cloud-based fleet management solution designed to connect its customers’ transportation supply chain and provide real-time, end-to-end fleet visibility. 

Our client was looking to complement its operational superiority with leading-edge technology expertise, in order to achieve digital transformation quickly and at scale. There was a clear opportunity to better organize and connect the client’s fleet; provide real-time visibility across its full range of shifting assets; and provide customers with a user-friendly, single point of access for scheduling, tracking, and delivery. 

Key Successes 

  • Established a Center of Excellence to ensure innovation readiness and enable in-house IT problem solving 
  • Collaborated with the client team to create frameworks for more engaging customer experiences  
  • Successfully built and deployed a beta launch of new customer software

A Center of Excellence

In our client’s case, the first step toward embracing a new mindset was establishing an organizational Center of Excellence. In order to align the organization and pave the way for digital transformation, Pactera EDGE performed multiple stakeholder interviews and a complete audit of its existing systems and processes.  

Building on our findings, we launched a series of coaching and mentoring programs aimed at the client’s Product and Technology teams. These efforts enabled the client to implement Center of Excellence best practices that are now the hallmarks of this modern digital enterprise. 

Enterprise-Level Architecture 

Operating within a legacy systems architecture can limit a company’s innovation capabilities. To ensure our client’s IT stack had the capacity to handle advanced supply chain technology, and vast amounts of data, while remaining interoperable with future integrations, Pactera EDGE engineers performed a comprehensive IT assessment, followed by planning for innovation readiness. 

Applying a loosely coupled architecture, our engineers created a DevOps environment for IT and operations that supported rapid deployment and modernized existing software and infrastructure. We also ensured integration-ready compatibility, enabling our client to rely on in-house talent for services instead of outside vendors. 

Customer-Centric Experiences 

We knew our client’s fleet management and supply chain technology would need to focus on the customer as much as the business. Organizing multi-disciplinary teams from across the organization, we held collaborative exploration sessions to discover and define user personas and begin mapping the customer journey. 

Leveraging insights on customer needs and demands from user personas, we created detailed frameworks for design and user experience that supported an intuitive workflow and delivered a lovable, customer-centric experience.

Agile Enablement & Deployment 

After listing, indexing, and ranking all user requirements for development planning and prioritization, we moved to development and beta deployment. 

Employing an agile methodology, we worked in tandem with the client’s development team to deliver a beta launch to users, ensuring customer-focused features and workflows were implemented in the build. We began collecting data from users to determine proper impact and fit, setting the stage for continuous evolution of the product through development sprints. 


With an effective solution in place, and the organization aligned on both company and customer goals, our client has the technological and business capabilities to enhance and expand on its offerings well into the future.