Pactera EDGE Reports 35% Growth in H1 FY21 (vs H1 FY20)

Increased Demand for Digital Transformation and Experience-Driven Human-Centric Intelligent Digital Platforms Were Primary Growth Drivers

Pactera EDGE, a leading global digital and technology services provider, today announced financial results for its fiscal 2021 first half, reporting a record 35% growth in comparison to H1 FY20.

While only in its second year after being spun off as a separate brand from former owner Pactera Technology International, Pactera EDGE, based in Redmond, WA, has remained the partner of choice for enterprise companies looking to stake their claim on the digital transformation frontier.

"When it comes to producing human-centric, experience-driven intelligent platforms, Pactera EDGE has capitalized on the strengths of its talented teams and partners to become a formidable competitor in the digital transformation arena,” said Venkat Rangapuram, CEO of Pactera EDGE. “We’ve had impressive growth for our first year, and I know everyone involved with the business knows we’re only just getting started.”

Pactera EDGE attributes its steady growth on a combination of factors:

First, the pandemic has accelerated the demand for digital transformation across industries. Pactera EDGE has been able to respond to that marketplace need with:

  • Experience-Driven Human-Centric Intelligent Digital Platforms, ranging from cutting edge voice experiences to complex asset visibility platforms for major logistics companies.
  • Partner-Driven, Content + Commerce Experiences through partnerships with Acquia, Adobe and SAP-Hybris.
  • AI-Driven, Human-Centric Systems of Intelligence ranging from trade promotions optimization to computer vision-driven asset protection systems for major retailer chains, to sizable workplace automation initiatives through its partnership with UiPath.
  • AI-Enablement Services, including Data Curation, Labelling and AI Localization to enable today’s leading consumer centric products that are democratizing AI for all.

Second, the business continues to develop and build on its client relationships with the world’s leading digital and cloud platforms with the average client enjoying a 7-year (and still going) association with the company.  In addition, Pactera EDGE continues to grow its roster with a number of major, fast-growing, logos including two leading consumer electronic and digital services operations.

Third, Pactera EDGE continues to attract, retain, and internally promote the industry’s best talent in data, intelligence and creative services that spearhead innovative solutions that are redefining how the world’s businesses leverage AI and Machine Learning to foster automation and consumer engagement. As a testament to its growth, Pactera EDGE expanded its footprint in all regions, added close to 1,000 FTE’s during H1, expanded its crowdsourced resource platform (OneForma) to over 350,000 subscribers, and reached the 500-employee milestone in its Hyderabad operation.