Pactera EDGE Featured in Nimdzi’s 2021 Language Technology Atlas

Recognition Reflects Pactera EDGE’s Commitment to Superior Human-Centered Global AI Experiences

Pactera EDGE, a leading global digital and technology services provider, today announced the company’s inclusion in the 2021 Nimdzi Language Technology Atlas, the annual go-to guide for those seeking the latest language technology solutions.

This year’s Atlas recognizes Pactera EDGE’s unique approach to the combination of Globalization services and Artificial Intelligence, specifically its methodology surrounding hyperlocal content which, according to the Atlas entry, “results in a vastly superior human-centered multilingual digital customer experience.” 

Nimdzi is a market research and global consulting company that has extensive expertise in the language and localization industry, as well as global business as a whole. Their annual Language Technology Atlas is designed to help companies navigate the more than 700 language technology solutions. It provides product assessments and recommendations based on user needs.

"To be included in Nimdzi’s Language Technology Atlas is an honor, and it further illustrates the market relevance of the human-centric, experience-driven, intelligent platforms Pactera EDGE develops,” said Venkat Rangapuram, CEO of Pactera EDGE. “Even more notable is Nimdzi’s adoption and usage of ‘AI Localization’, as it is a term our team coined.”

The Atlas has listed “AI Localization” as one of the four ‘major language technology changes’ of 2021, a first of its kind approach developed by the Pactera EDGE team. 

Pactera EDGE has pioneered the use of intelligent solutions to streamline every step of localization, from engineering, to translation, production, and QA. Artificial Intelligence is especially robust for supporting process efficiencies, accelerating the localization process, and shortening time-to-market. 

The Atlas citation goes on to highlight Pactera EDGE’s OneForma solution, an AI platform that uses custom, built-to-order datasets and extensive domain and region-specific multilingual parallel corpora for MT models and hyper-personal virtual personal assistants or chatbots. 

“The combination of our Language Services expertise and leadership in AI Data Services, has evolved into AI Localization or AI Globalization, where we help companies globalize their AI models,” said Jonas Ryberg, Chief Globalization Officer. “The approach goes beyond language and can involve any AI model that needs to adapt to customer needs in more than one market. Therein lies the real power of our OneForma solution.”

Pactera EDGE’s OneForma platform was featured for it best-in-class innovation in two of the Atlas's categories: Translation Management Systems and Speech Recognition.

To learn more about Pactera EDGE’s AI Data Localization visit:

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