Seeking New Frontiers

As the cost of drug development grows, pharmaceutical companies need new ways to innovate. 

More data than ever is available to life sciences organizations – data that can power AI and ML models, drive internal transformation, and make highly effective, individualized treatments possible.  

Yet much of that data goes underleveraged. To realize their data’s potential, life sciences leaders must navigate a healthcare world reckoning with more data than ever, and a regulatory system that’s evolving in tandem.  

That’s no simple ask, potentially calling for a transformation of technology infrastructure and new ways of working and thinking. But those that put in the effort may discover the competitive edge they’ve been looking for. 


Pactera EDGE provides guidance and expertise to transform the way pharmaceutical companies work. 


Data Readiness

Our team lays the foundation of AI initiatives by curating, cleansing, and categorizing data from across your organization – whether that’s clinical trial results or internal performance metrics.

Advanced Analytics

Augment analytics departments with AI. Process clinical trial and diagnostic information at unprecedented speeds and unlock totally new insights from hard-to-crack unstructured data.

Patient Intelligence

Recommend, predict, and classify solutions for a range of processes, including clinical trial segmentation, patient contact preference, and drug adoption and adherence.

Custom Digital Platforms

Tomorrow’s care experience is personalized, intelligent, and focused on the patient. Pactera EDGE concepts, develops, and deploys digital platforms that engage patients at key treatment touchpoints.