A Game of Risk and Reward

The original data-driven industry, insurance is seeing opportunities in digital that have grown too obvious to ignore.  

For an industry built on administering policies and pricing risk, AI is enticing. Today, it’s possible to envision data-driven, lightning-fast, entirely personalized underwriting and claims, all powered by an automated back office.  

Yet the insurance industry hasn’t rushed to digital. Challenged by legacy systems and managing existing data, many insurers simply aren’t ready for an influx of new data and technology.  

But insurers now face a shifting landscape. Insurtechs may be collaborators, competitors, or allies. Innovative business models create new choices and rising customer expectations. The time to move has arrived. 


Pactera EDGE lays the foundations for the digital insurer.  


Data Readiness

Ensure your data is ready to go for your AI initiatives, from ingestion to labeling and curation.

Risk Management

Leverage Machine Learning and deepen your understanding of risk. Gain insights into avoiding preventable losses, capture patterns and behaviors, and enable proactive monitoring. 

Customer Service Intelligence

Natural Language Processing provides a more effective customer experience, reducing customer query response time and speeding up claims, settlements, and other key processes.

Intelligent Automation

Automate labor-intensive tasks that depend on the human eye. Use computer vision to scan, store, and process data from physical documents, and perform damage assessments on-device. 

Intelligent Customer Engagement Platforms

Design and develop of custom, innovative digital platforms to better engage with your customers, reinvent your customer service standards, and grow revenue.