The Art and Science of Engagement

In a digital world of global competition and shifting loyalties, every company is now an experience company. 

It’s on brands to nurture relationships with their audiences through new, engaging experiences. Those audiences may be external or internal – customers and employees alike increasingly demand experiences that feel effortless. 

But a truly lovable product only seems effortless to the user. Behind the scenes, a great product is a clockwork of UX insights, market research, creative concepts, and technology, working together. 

To reliably bring lovable, scalable products to market, a new approach to design is needed: one that’s human-centered, iterative, and empathetic. But to succeed, such an approach requires new levels of audience insight. 

Guiding the Digital Product Journey

Product concept ideation

Product Concept Ideation

Design thinking meets our sprint-driven FUEL methodology to create products that exceed expectations and deliver results at scale.
User Experience Design

User Experience Design

Unite strategy, testing, and cultural analysis to deliver experiences that engage all your customers – and can stand on the global stage.

Minimum Lovable Product (MLP)

Get to market faster and learn while you scale. An MLP helps you validate concepts, so you can be sure you’re advancing only your best ideas.

What Sets Pactera EDGE Apart

Design Expertise

Our exceptional UX and UI designers bring the experience and flair to give life to great ideas.

Lean Innovation Approach

We prepare businesses to scale up solutions faster with a focus on efficiency, transparency, and iteration.

Co-Creative Spirit

We ensure your audiences are represented in your products by designing alongside those audiences.

Worldwide Reach

Gain a greater understanding of your customers by leveraging Pactera EDGE’s global network of users.

Execution Capabilities

Our in-house engineering talent gives us the capability to build, not just dream.

Innovating with consistency requires a holistic approach across people, processes, and platforms. One that includes changing mindsets as well as how teams work together. In short, companies need to establish an innovation operating system.

Mark Persaud, Head of Emerging Experiences