Breaking cultural barriers to international success 

Finding growth can mean moving into new markets – and out of your comfort zone. But going global is hard, and the stakes are high.   

Global success delivers more loyal customers, more valuable data, greater scale, and more competitive clout. Yet, regardless of the cultural background, customers demand experiences that are respectful and relevant. 

If a brand does not localize global experiences effectively, its credibility can evaporate. But how do you scale something as nuanced as cultural knowledge?  

Creating borderless experiences   for global brands


Live User Testing

Leveraging resources from our global professional network, we select in-market UX auditors to run custom, structured interviews with users. The output is a concise and actionable report of user sentiment.  

Competitive Analysis 

How do you stack up against others? We source global participants to provide a structured, and unvarnished feedback on linguistic and UX aspects of your competitors, reporting back on product strengths and areas for improvement. 

Quantitative User Surveys

Tapping into our global outsourcing capabilities, we test localized UI experiences or user flows at scale, providing insights and demonstrating the measurable impact of effective globalization.  

Why Pactera EDGE?

Strategic Execution

Our unique combination of agency, data, and language skills ensures we’re always focused on identifying and solving the right problem. 

All in OneForma™

Our AI-infused cloud platform, OneForma, is an all-in-one tool for talent acquisition and project management, qualification assessment and testing scripts featuring on-demand real-time data-based productivity tracking dashboards that are continuously updated.

Global Reach

With over 200 languages covered, Pactera EDGE offers unparalleled access to any global market.