Riding the Next Wave of Digital

Previous waves of digitization brought us internet banking, cryptocurrency, and fintech – but things are just getting started.  

The financial services world is accelerating digital transformation – while reacting to the new paradigm that digital has created. 

In this paradigm, AI will be critical to solving problems both old and new. High-velocity digital finance has created trillions of data points for AI to leverage, while also unleashing a wave of cyberattacks, illicit transactions, and fraud. 

But technology can’t be allowed to distract companies from the customer. With competition intensifying, and fintechs and cryptocurrencies offering new experiences and business models, companies are increasingly winning – and losing – on experience. 


Pactera EDGE provides the tools to become an intelligent, customer-centric enterprise.  


Data Readiness

You’re ready for AI initiatives – but is your data? From data ingestion to labeling, from annotation to the curation of customer data sets, Pactera EDGE is your AI enablement partner. 

Customer Service Intelligence

Know your customer more deeply than ever. From personalized data insights to conversational AI solutions, we can transform your customer interactions so you can compete on experience. 

Fraud Detection and Risk Management

Drive productivity improvement in your middle office with AI/machine learning solutions. Leveraging our model archetype library, we accelerate your solution’s speed to market. 

Intelligent Automation

Automate manual, time-intensive tasks such as credit underwriting and contract creation, using tools such as AI and smart contracts. 

Intelligent Customer Engagement Platforms

Design and develop custom, innovative digital platforms that engage your customers, enable new revenue streams, and transform your customer service.