Applications in the Age of Experience

The modern brand is an ecosystem with the customer at the center. Companies without a customer-centric mindset risk falling behind. 

Leaders in customer experience outperform, while laggards face flat or even negative top-line growth. Scaling customer service requires tech investments for both the front and back of house.  

To excel in this new world, enterprise must create new applications under conditions of extreme uncertainty, combining a long-term philosophy with rapid experimentation.

The Next Generation of Applications


Digital Consulting

Pactera EDGE collaborates with your team to define and prioritize digital transformation opportunities, providing the cultural and executional know-how to scale amazing experiences.

Data Strategy

Data is the fuel of digital transformation. A comprehensive data strategy helps overcome siloed or underused data, encompassing technology, warehousing, security and governance. 

DevOps Readiness + Enablement 

Increasingly, every company is a software company, and development is a core skill. Pactera EDGE can craft and help implement a DevOps a roadmap, or augment your core team with DevOps as-a-service.

Technology Services

An execution powerhouse, Pactera EDGE delivers in application development, digital software engineering, cloud strategy and migration, big data platforms, and digital QA and testing.

Business Operations Services 

Your partner for ongoing operational support, whether on infrastructure, data analytics, infrastructure and app maintenance, IT, content, marketing, or staffing.  
Narayana Murthy

In building a new application, an experience mindset is necessary not only to drive adoption and engagement, but to ensure the right problems are being solved in the first place.


Narayana Murthy, Regional Head, India