Closing the Execution Gap

AI’s capabilities continue to grow – yet most AI services continue to fail. Why do so many efforts fall short?  

Enterprises are excited by the possibilities of AI, and they have every reason to be. But treating AI as another big technology project ignores the human factor.  

It’s easy to lose focus on the people who will implement and use an AI solution – leaving key questions unasked. 

What problem will AI solve for internal or external users? Are the right capabilities and culture in place? Overambition, misalignment, and cultural resistance can quickly sink a misconceived project.  

Success requires a different method – one that fuses technical expertise with human-centered design thinking. What’s needed, in short, is a mindful approach to AI. 

Enabling Human-Centric AI


AI Readiness Assessment

A comprehensive audit of people, technology, and processes, delivering a business roadmap, strategic plan, and infrastructure architecture.

AI Center of Excellence Design

We define the people and principles that enable a strong AI COE, entrenching best AI practices and driving the intelligent enterprise.

C-Suite AI Primer Consulting

Engage company leadership with specialized consulting services designed to place AI in the context of the greater business vision.

AI Change Management

AI can create anxiety about lost jobs and disruption. Our change management offering can manage concerns and show the possibilities.

Mindful AI Workshops

A Decision Dash draws on your team’s ideas to select and prioritize effective AI use cases and chart a course to market.

AI PMO Service

As internal teams build capability, Pactera EDGE can accelerate AI by taking ownership of processes and deliverables.

What Sets Pactera EDGE Apart

Human-Centered Philosophy

With a structured process for spotting opportunity, we identify problems that AI can solve.

Start Small, Scale Quickly

We avoid mega-projects to focus on delivering a minimum lovable product that can scale and grow.

Tangible Results

Whether the goal is margin growth, savings, or a new business model, we pursue measurable ROI.

Mindful AI isn’t just about the tech we’re building. It’s about the trust and experience of the people that engage with your AI. Their fulfillment will always be the best indicator of success, which means you can never forget about the human in the picture.

Vasudevan Sundarababu, SVP, Head of Digital Engineering