The Challenge of Velocity

In the world emerging from the pandemic, rapid business transformation is only accelerating.  

Enterprises everywhere are feeling this need for speed. But acceleration can be impossible without the hard skills to turn concepts into reliable code, and confidence in the engineering team’s ability to execute.  

And it’s not just development that gets harder as business gets faster. It’s only becoming more challenging to focus on the right problems, ship a quality product, and deliver an experience that stakeholders love.  

With a battle-tested team, steeped in agile methodologies and powered by transparent project management, engineering at Pactera EDGE is built to tackle the challenges of speed – helping clients keep pace in an accelerating world. 

Accelerate and Transform


Software Engineering

Enable and accelerate digital transformation by infusing end-end engineering capabilities from Pactera EDGE – including lifecycle management, security and compliance, and globalization engineering.

Cognitive Platform Engineering

Intelligent platforms, deeply integrated into the businesses they serve, are the next frontier for the modern enterprise. Pactera EDGE tackles the engineering and cognitive challenges these platforms present.

Digital QA

With evolving technologies and continuous disruption, QA has never been more challenging. With​ intelligence-infused QA processes, Pactera EDGE drive improvement across the entire digital value chain​.

Engineering Operations

Enterprises are embracing DevOps, seeking value delivery, reliability, and rapid innovation. Pactera EDGE is a powerful ally in DevOps enablement and the emerging fields of AIOps and SecOps.

Digital Workplace Automation

Automation offers extraordinary opportunities for productivity gains. Pactera EDGE offers experience in business process automation and digital knowledge management.

Why Pactera EDGE?

Robust Delivery Methodology

Rely on a proven, repeatable Pactera EDGE delivery methodology – or use your own.

End-to-End Capability

Pactera EDGE has the product lifecycle covered from development to maintenance and optimization.

Powerful Accelerators

Innovations from auto-generated middleware code to a rich UI library reduce risk and time to market.

Industry Expertise

Project teams bring extensive experience and critical domain knowledge to specialized builds.

Global Resources

An array of on- and offshore resources deliver a deep bench of talent and cost flexibility.

Proven Playbooks

Playbooks spanning CI/CD, DevOps, and cloud enable us to get your team quickly up to speed.
Narayana Murthy

The success of a project depends on relationships as much as expertise. Going into a project, we show clients not merely what we have done, but our vision for the working relationship. We offer transparency about the potential challenges of the project and prove that we are coming in with the right attitude. 


Narayana Murthy, Regional Head, India