Breaking the Innovation Barrier

Increasingly, eCommerce is table stakes. A differentiated experience requires new kinds of digital products and services.  

But brands wishing to innovate face two huge challenges: selection and scale.  

Selecting and committing to an idea can be daunting, especially if it comes with an entirely new business model. And it can be tough to build the strategy and capability to grow a small-scale experiment into a durable business tool. Yet that’s what the digital age requires.

Beyond Business as Usual


Design Sprints

Our unique FUEL methodology employs a series of design sprints – collaborations with your team to accelerate an idea from concept to prototype to Minimum Lovable Product in as little as four days.

Fit Assessment

Does an idea solve a real problem, and address a significant market? Pactera EDGE carefully validates concepts, products, and experiences for scalability and fit with its target audience.

Scaling Up

Ideas require execution, which requires an efficient and transparent methodology. Applying our lean innovation framework, we help prioritize, iterate, and scale digital products and services. 

Innovation Training

Prefer to do it yourself? Our FUELcore training program is a 3-day curriculum that embodies FUEL’s learn-by-doing approach to help your business innovate with confidence and clarity.