The Danger of Scattered Data

Do you know where your customer data is? Many companies don’t – and what they don’t know can hurt them.  

80% of organizations have few formal processes in place – or no processes at all – to centrally manage personally identifiable information (PII).  

PII is often scattered between divisions and among databases, maintained (or not) by different developers or admins. It’s easy to lose track and tough to bring all this data together.  

But this isn’t just a missed opportunity to understand customers, it’s a regulatory issue. Data privacy laws such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) come with strict requirements and hefty fines – a hidden risk for businesses with governance challenges. 

Gain Visibility with DATASense™


AI-Infused Governance Software

Pactera EDGE’s DATA-Sense uses AI to automate discovery, tagging, management, and generation of compliance-relevant data across a range of database technologies.

Configurable Rules

With DATA-Sense, data managers and data protection officers can define data generation rules directly against database sources, outside of data-consuming applications.

Centralized Management

DATA-Sense enables centralized visibility, auditing and management of data assets and metadata governance, by showing data objects, detecting PII fields, and flagging EU country data.

Data Governance Solutioning

Governance is bigger than software. We create your data governance playbook, encompassing the people, processes, and tools, required to collect and manage sensitive data.

Data Governance Consulting

As a major change initiative, a concerted data governance effort requires socialization and C-suite buy-in. Pactera EDGE can assist with change management.

Why Pactera EDGE?

Proprietary Approach

Unique software and a repeatable process for managing and protecting data.

Strong User Experience

The intuitive DATA-Sense user interface quickly surfaces issues, actions, and progress. 

Experience + Passion

Our passionate and experienced consultants deliver measurable business outcomes with better data.

AI Expertise

Take advantage of our ability to integrate AI technology and manage complex data at scale.

Cost Effectiveness

With multiple global teams, Pactera EDGE can staff engagements to effectively manage cost.

Setting up a reliable data pipeline infrastructure is a complex process requiring rigor and strong execution. The right approach, accelerators and framework are the foundations of the agile data enterprise. 


Joe Thomas, Data Strategy Director