Keeping up with the Conversation

As channels multiply and customer expectations rise, staying in touch has become a growing business challenge.  

Conversations between customers and brands happen everywhere – on websites, social media, email, messaging apps, and more. Within the enterprise, employees serving customers are engaged in a constant battle to retrieve and provide information.  

Keeping up with these conversations is tough – and the greater the scale, the harder it becomes to deliver a personal experience.  

While advances in AI deliver cost-effective, scalable, and ready-to-use solutions, many brands feel unprepared for bot adoption. Yet with customers and employees demanding right answers right now, only the most responsive businesses will have a competitive edge.

Enabling Conversational Intelligence


Cognitive Intelligence

Our Cognitive Intelligence Development platform enables the rapid creation and deployment of AI/NLP powered tools like Chatbots, Video-Analytics and Enterprise Search. The platform accelerates cognitive tech like voice, text, images, and video.

Bot UX + UI

Adapt readymade templates for various a range of industries and scenarios or build a new interface for your requirements. CInDE supports text, image, video, gifs, documents and other formats.

Application Development

Build a new experiential platform on top of your legacy technology stack or create a bespoke AI model to solve a specialized business challenge.

Self-Learning + Optimization

CInDE processes and generates natural language with high accuracy and includes a strong feedback mechanism for machine-learning based improvement. 

Ready to Deploy Virtual Agents



PrepTalk infuses AI for intelligent service training simulations that evaluate conversational performance on factual and soft skills. 



Our cloud-based chatbot connects your whole enterprise, optimizing business processes in key departments like HR and finance



In times of a global pandemic, the Emergency Response Team bot can provide 1:1 emergency guidance on HR and medical policies with your global workforce.

Why Pactera EDGE?

Technology Agnostic

We build bots in the cloud or on-prem, connected to a wide range of databases, ERPs, and interfaces.

Solutions Approach

We create customized, ownable solutions for your enterprise, supported by our expertise and service.

Speed to Market

We measure bot deployment projects in weeks rather than months, so you can move faster.

OmniBots and advances in conversational AI are transforming the bot landscape for brands, making it easier and more cost-effective to create chatbots at scale, and wiring together the entire enterprise ecosystem, from customers to employees and beyond.


Dinesh Chandrasekar, Chief Innovation Officer