Breaking the Cycle of Reaction

As high demand stretches even the most well-resourced departments, IT Operations teams are stuck playing defense.  

IT teams today are being asked to serve the same users, and run the same infrastructure, in a more complex environment than ever before.

Faced with these demands, IT teams are forced to triage: managing incidents, resolving tickets, and spinning up servers, all while battling urgent problems and a deluge of false positives.  

AI-enabled IT Operations – AIOps – leverages automation to give IT a much-needed helping hand. But the true promise of AIOps is even greater. Done right, AIOps lets teams break out of the cycle of reaction altogether – building a more efficient, resilient, digital-ready enterprise in the process. 

Smarter IT with AI Ops

Predictive Maintenance of Infrastructure

Predictive Maintenance of Infrastructure

Infrastructure generates more valuable performance data than any IT professional could analyze or act on. AI can respond with automated processes or appropriate alerts, getting ahead of incidents and outages.
Predictive Maintenance of Enterprise Applications

Predictive Maintenance of Enterprise Applications

Mission-critical enterprise application failures are hard to anticipate before they happen – and all too visible afterwards. AI can ingest performance data and identify leading indicators of risk. 
Automated Incident Routing + Management

Automated Incident Routing + Management

Responding to tickets creates a heavy workload for most IT teams. Pactera EDGE deploys AI to answer simple questions from the knowledge base, or route more complex queries to the right destination. 
Automated Root Cause Analysis + Incident Resolution

Automated Root Cause Analysis + Incident Resolution

Cut resolution time by quickly identifying anomalies, examining dependences, and tracing problems to their source.

Use Cases

Real-Time Anomaly Detection

Analyze time-series data and deploy AI to identify risks, threats, and failures as they emerge.

Intelligent Alerting

Send automated alerts based on a complete picture of your system data, reducing false positives and alert fatigue.

Automation Capability

Automate system responses to incidents, and use the power of Robotic Process Automation to fix common issues based on historical data.

Why Pactera Edge

No New Instrumentation

Our platform integrates with the tools, environments, and ecosystems already in use.

Hyper-Intelligent Automation

Our AI and engineering capabilities are backed by proven RPA proficiency.

Holistic Approach

20+ years of IT experience with a perspective encompassing people, processes, and platforms.

The Pactera EDGE AIOps Platform accelerates the adoption and delivers on the promise of AIOps. To do so, we apply human-centered user experiences, data engineering, AI-driven actionable inferences, and automation.

Vasudevan Sundarababu, SVP, Head of Digital Engineering Practice