The demand for local data

When learning a new language, it helps to have good teaching – and that goes double for artificial intelligence.  

Many of the most profound and exciting developments in AI relate to language – understanding it, speaking it, and deriving other types of information from it (such as sentiment or intent).  

But since AI optimization in one language literally doesn’t translate, bringing intelligent systems to diverse markets requires AI localization.  

Localization, in turn, requires high-quality training data that reflects the way that people speak, sound, and express themselves – and lots of it. Without this key element, AI will end up sounding like a tourist when it needs to communicate like a local.

Smarter translation for smarter systems


AI-infused resource management 

With tens of thousands of resources across our in-house and outsourced translation network, we connect the most qualified people with the task at hand, based on their availability and skills.

Smart processing

Our localization team doesn’t work alone. Our battle-tested processes and intelligent systems streamline the workflow, from resource onboarding to delivery and QA.

Quality Assurance

Data quality is mission-critical in training AI. That makes Pactera EDGE’s robust quality assurance process all the more essential – catching slips or errors that may lead the model astray.

Why Pactera EDGE?

Global Reach

Our globe-spanning network of in-house and external translation resources covers 200+ languages. 

Unmatched experience 

With skills honed over more than 20 years, our teams have developed a vast body of knowledge.

Always evolving

From cloud technology, to machine learning, or AI integration, Pactera EDGE is constantly advancing.