Building the Case for Innovation

AR, VR, and other Extended Reality (XR) experiences are transforming how customers and employees interact with brands. 

Driving customer engagement where traditional methods fail, XR is beginning to power experiences in industries like retail, education, architecture, engineering and construction. 

Many still brands view XR as a future aspiration, or think of the technology as a novelty. But all the while, the range of problems XR can solve is only expanding. 

As brands rise to the opportunities of advanced innovation, they’ll need to invest in delivering reality-expanding experiences to customers. The challenge is making investments that customers don’t just want, but love – so these amazing new creations justify the effort.

Reimagining Reality


User-Driven Design Sprints

Adding customer value means valuing customers. Our FUEL methodology brings users into the design loop to test XR experiences, gauge their reactions, and refine the product in sprints.

Fit-Based Innovation

Leveraging FUEL, EDGE works with your team to solve business problems and reveal market gaps, taking XR products from concept to prototype to Minimum Loveable Product in as little as four days.

AR Development

We deliver compelling AR experiences that blur the line between the physical and digital world, driving interaction and exploration beyond the limits of the average user journey.

VR Development

Pactera EDGE pushes the bounds of imagination to create unforgettable interactive experiences, immersing users in unique digital environments for entertainment, training, education, and more.

Retail AR

We design retail AR experiences that make shopping more interactive, facilitating online shopping and strengthening the connection between your customers and your brand.

Spatial AR

Pactera EDGE’s expertise in spatial AR enables organizations to cut operational costs, build loveable products, and create frictionless experiences from first meeting to final purchase.

Asset Creation

From 360-degree photos and videos to 3D assets, photorealistic 2D, and animation and environmental mapping, EDGE creates experiences that showcase your brand and invite users to your story.

Putting XR Experiences to Work


360-Degree Video

Bring users to the center of any brand experience with full stereoscopic views of stunning locations, product tours, and important events. 


Visual Product Configurators

Improve buyer confidence, bring digital products to real-world environments, and simplify customization with interactive 2D and 3D tools. 



Take your physical and digital presence to new places, enabling customers to browse, buy, and compare products in a virtual retail experience. 

Anymore, immersive experiences aren’t just for consumers. At the enterprise level - in industries like education, manufacturing, architecture, engineering, and construction – many global businesses are using XR to expand their capabilities and add immense value to their organization.


Mark Persaud, Head of Emerging Experiences