The big, bad challenge of bad big data.

AI and data are inextricably linked

AI is only as strong as the data it learns from. Low-quality inputs degrade training sets and the user experience suffers. Companies that want to deepen AI capabilities and deliver a superior experience will need to gather high-quality data — or else these disadvantages can become entrenched.  


Data quality at scale is a challenge

AI enablement therefore demands a concerted, company-wide focus on data quality. But teams are busy with day-to-day responsibilities and data sets are disparate, siloed, and larger than ever. 


Poor training, poor trust

AI can optimize a wide variety of services. However, when it doesn’t act intelligently, the experience is poor and anything but human-centered. Ensuring customers love their experiences with AI starts with effective training.

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Human-powered data services For better, smarter AI systems.

Pactera EDGE offers data collection and curation solutions 
to drive the intelligent future of your business.

 Training data preparation

Training data preparation

Pactera EDGE employs systems to better curate training data, ensuring clean inputs and removing undesired ones, so you can teach your AI systems for the better.
 Training data labeling

Training data labeling

AI works better when its world is organized. Systems to classify and categorize data help maintain optimal performance and accuracy — factors which are integral to a better user experience.
 Human data validation

Human data validation

The customer experience pivots on the accuracy of your AI and its relevance to your audience. Pactera EDGE’s vast network of judges enables machine-human collaboration, examining output data and ensuring high results accuracy.

Custom Voice Data Sets

A voice-to-AI, text-to-AI transcription solution that enables the cloud-based creation of voice data, associated transcription, evaluation of AI engines, and the generation of bespoke clean, targeted and annotated, voice datasets.
 Global Professional Network

Global Professional Network

Exceptional quality and effortless scalability is maintained by a highly capable global workforce. With access to hundreds of thousands of judges across 200+ markets, Pactera delivers effective solutions to our clients with unmatched speed and flexibility.
 Intelligent Technology

Intelligent Technology

Unify production, management, and data application analytics with a state-of-the-art enablement platform capable of sifting through large quantities of data, identifying opportunity, and providing the information your business needs to act.