Enhancing the employee training process with AI-enabled bots

Employing advanced speech technologies, Pactera EDGE created a conversational AI training program designed to boost learning, improve productivity, and reduce employee turnover.
Enhancing the employee training process with AI-enabled bots

The client, a leading insurance, banking, and financial services company in China, struggled with high agent turnover due to challenges training new agents. To ensure agents were fully qualified and more productive, our client needed an enhanced training solution developed and implemented.  

With a tight timeframe, the client engaged Pactera EDGE to develop an intelligent training program designed to help new employees, many with no driving experience, learn the knowledge and practical skills needed to sell auto insurance effectively to car owners. 

Key Successes 

  • Enhanced end-to-end instructor visibility on student progress and performance 
  • Equipped client with an editable and reusable scenario format for future bot training applications 
  • Enabled integration with mobile apps for practicing skills anywhere, any time 
increase in one-on-one coaching productivity

Intelligent Training Development 

As an auto insurance leader, our client trains thousands of agents annually, and delivers two weeks of training before agents begin working directly with customers. With training quality impacting agent performance and turnover, Pactera EDGE saw an opportunity to develop an AI bot assistant to support instructors and improve overall training quality. 

Using our experience in AI-enabled speech recognition, speech synthesis, emotion detection, and speech quality technologies, we created bot software to simulate voice training business scenarios and collect agent feedback in real time. 

Agent Scoring & Replays 

With improved training came a better scoring system, as Pactera EDGE engineers added instant agent scoring to the bot’s capabilities. As agents complete a practice scenario, the bot scores them immediately, then provides a detailed breakdown of successes and errors to help instructors adjust individual training. 

To maximize training, instructors and trainees can choose from a variety of scenarios built into the bot software, ranging from easy to difficult. When a scenario is completed, a recorded replay can be accessed, where the correct conversation pattern is displayed to provide additional trainee guidance. 

Customizable AI 

To power ongoing training programs through conversational AI, our development approach produced a modular build that could be customized and reused for other scenarios. 

With this capability, instructors and course designers can create simulations of real business conversation scenarios for students in other departments, or add new scenarios to its existing program. 

Mobile Integration 

Made to integrate with a variety of mobile applications, the bot training software enabled student agents to practice skills training anywhere using their phones and tablets, ensuring training was easily accessible, user-friendly, and fully immersive – adding to training program flexibility and success. 


Our client experienced big improvements in trainee progress and performance, and enjoyed greater visibility into the training process. And by creating customizable, modularized software that can be adapted to any in-house training scenario, our client gained the flexibility to deploy this advanced technology to address new scenarios.