Reimagining the routine with intelligent systems

AI-infused automation won’t just change what people do – it will change what work is.

Automation is already powering routine workflows and tackling cognitive tasks like customer service. Tomorrow, skilled employees will work in collaboration with intelligent, adaptive systems.

But in the here and now, even seemingly easy tasks can prove stubbornly resistant to automation. When tasks prove more complex than anticipated, or expectations are inflated, automation projects can quickly flounder.

Automation isn’t magic: to succeed, a project requires vision, tenacity, and obsessive attention to detail. But when strategy and implementation align, moving employees out of drudgery – and into impactful work – can be a game-changer.

Unlocking the Value of Automation

Business Process Optimization

Business Process Optimization

To succeed, we need to solve the right problem. Using our proprietary FUEL methodology, we use empathy and imagination to uncover automation opportunities – and quickly unearth hidden complexities.
Business Process Re-Engineering

Business Process Re-Engineering

We use technology-assisted automated process mining and leverage platforms such as Kyron, Aria, and Celeon to redesign previously manual processes.
AI-Assisted Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Cognitive, AI-assisted workflow integrations enable smarter and faster business process optimization.
Bot Platform Integration

Bot Platform Integration

We design, engineer and deploy bot platforms and integrate them into your knowledge management system, crafting human-centered experiences that are a delight to use.
Automation Infrastructure Optimization

Automation Infrastructure Optimization

Bot infrastructure (auto scale dynamic assignment and monitoring) is optimized to reduce licensing and hardware costs.

Why Pactera Edge

End-to-End Partnership

RPA has many moving parts, and we support them all – from strategy to AI, engineering, and support.

Global Delivery

Delivery centers in US, India and China provide complete coverage and cost flexibility.

All the Tools

Our expertise covers RPA solutions from UIPath, Power Automate, Automation Anywhere and more.
Joe Thomas

AI-infused automation will complement tomorrow's work force with digital twins that handle repetitive tasks and help make smarter decisions in the work place leveraging cognitive AI and intelligent automation.


Joe Thomas, AVP Digital Engineering Practice