Deploying emerging technologies to streamline operations for a global pharmaceutical giant

With Pactera EDGE as a digital partner, cutting-edge solutions are put to use to optimize business operations and the customer service experience.
Deploying emerging technologies to streamline operations for a global pharmaceutical giant

The client, a leading multinational pharmaceutical company involved in the manufacturing, marketing, and delivery of pharma products, engaged Pactera EDGE with two distinct requests: 1. Help streamline the delivery process of their products and 2. Develop and implement AI technology to provide personalized customer service to an audience of merchants and consumers. 

Leveraging a global network of emerging technology experts, Pactera EDGE served as the client’s one-stop shop for innovation, developing a custom Internet of Things (IoT) framework to improve business efficiency, as well as an integrated chatbot built for effective, autonomous customer service. 

Key Successes 

  • Developed a custom IoT framework to drive efficiency 
  • Integrated machine-learning systems for product recommendations 
  • Trained and deployed an AI-enabled customer service chatbot 

IoT Meets Machine Learning 

To unlock efficiency, Pactera EDGE reimagined the client’s delivery process to its foundation. We introduced an IoT framework that incorporates a wide range of cutting-edge digital services, including a machine learning-enabled recommendation engine and integrated stream analytics.  

Inventory data, sales orders, route planning, and delivery information are fed into the system, acting as the fuel for product suggestions, business insights, and a multi-device experience. Integrated with Power BI, this system is built with the goal of visibility as well as business growth. 



Intelligent Support 

Providing one-on-one support can be a massive boost to the customer experience and is critical to building brand loyalty. Classic methods of providing service, like call centers, become difficult to deploy globally while still maintaining a high standard of service. The client sought a way to capture the experience-positive aspects of individual customer service using approaches that could scale globally. 

The Pactera EDGE team developed Pactera Chatbot, a voice-enabled AI built on Microsoft’s BOT Framework, designed to provide a human-like support experience in a variety of applications. When trained with enterprise resource data, the bot can provide specific answers to common customer support claims in real-time. For this client, Pactera Chatbot was trained to provide support regarding inventory management and updates, order submissions, sign-offs and more. All of this occurs within the familiar venue of a messaging window, keeping communications clear and human-centric throughout the support process. 

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When the client engaged Pactera EDGE, the aim was to equip the business with the technology needed to move confidently into the future. Our team employed innovative and emerging technology to improve both internal and customer experiences, priming the business for customer satisfaction and operational success.