Powering the AI Revolution

The fuel of artificial intelligence is data. And without reliable fuel, AI efforts are going nowhere.  

We don’t yet understand all the possibilities of AI, but we know none of them will be realized without reliable data infrastructure.  

But all too often, data scientists and engineers don’t speak each other’s language. The result is infrastructure that was never designed to serve the models built on top of it – hobbling business decision-making and digital transformation. 

Filling the Data Pipeline


Data Strategy

Any data framework requires a careful assessment of business goals, available technology solutions, and the type and volume of data flowing in. Pactera’s EDGE’s flexible framework can help you build wisely.

Data Pipeline Management

Just like physical infrastructure, a data pipeline has to be maintained. Pactera EDGE manages, monitors, and troubleshoots data pipelines to keep the data flowing as it should.

Data Engineering

Our engineers tackle the hard work of ingesting, integrating, storing, cleaning and processing data, designing the architecture and databases that keep your data accurate and usable.

Advanced Analytics

Partner with Pactera EDGE to evolve your analytics with powerful predictive models, or deploy cognitive analytics to unlock the information in unstructured data such as speech, images, and video.

Fraud + Risk Management

Data makes fraud and risk visible – and preventable. We work at the forefront of risk management, automating detection and developing models to pinpoint anomalies and surface emerging sources of risk.

Setting up a reliable data pipeline infrastructure is a complex process requiring rigor and strong execution. The right approach, accelerators and framework are the foundations of the agile data enterprise.


Joe Thomas, Data Strategy Director