Data Readiness

Bridge the Data Chasm with Data Ready by Pactera EDGE.
Data Ready

It’s time for businesses to bridge the data chasm gap. Businesses everywhere are on a journey from processing raw data to applying it to make smarter decisions at scale. But they’re being stymied by a chasm between raw data and data that is ready for intelligent applications to use. 

And that chasm is costing businesses dearly. It’s estimated that bad data costs U.S. businesses alone more than $611 billion a year – and 40 percent of business objectives fail because of bad data, or data that has not been properly collected and prepared. But for the companies that figure out how to close the chasm, the payoff is great. Just look at how well Amazon dominates multiple markets by managing its data.

Download our datasheet and learn how to cross this data chasm with Pactera EDGE.

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