Crossing the Data Chasm

Data teams are fighting to close the gap between the needs of AI and the capabilities of their enterprise.  

The advent of AI has put data teams on the clock. Problems with data quality, labeling, structuring, and consistency are no longer the domain of ‘nice-to-have’ optimization projects.  

As a result, the basics of data preparation – digitizing disparate sources, making connections between disconnected data, and addressing gaps, noise and inconsistencies – are now mission-critical.  

But data management can consume time and talent like nothing else. Data preparation takes 60-80% of the typical analytical pipeline – requiring experienced help to ensure internal teams aren’t overwhelmed. 

A Path to Reliability with dataREADY™


Data Ingestion + Quality

We work closely with your team at the outset to define effective, business-appropriate data validation rules and track down data sources from across the organization.

Data Transformation

We consolidate, normalize, and where necessary discretize datasets, generating appropriate hierarchies to better organize and understand the data we have.

Data Cleaning

We scrub the database clean of issues such as missing data, duplicates, improperly formatted data, or corrupted or noisy data.

Data Reduction

To enable extraction and analysis, we support transformation processes such as cube aggregation, attribute selection, and dimensionality reduction.

Difference-Makers in Data

Proprietary dataREADY™ Process

Our unique, repeatable process powers an ownable data production operation from end to end.

Right-Sized Resourcing

The ‘Good/Better/Best’ dataREADY™ pricing model keeps the effort proportionate to the value.

Data Curation Integration

Integrate curated data direct from our proprietary OneForma localization and enrichment platform.

Efficient Human Involvement

A powerful blend of automation with multi-disciplinary human support, including AI engineers.

Technology Agnostic

Our ML automation leverages best-of-breed technology, wherever it’s found, including open source.
Joe Thomas

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink..." Companies face an ocean of data – and preparing it feels like boiling the ocean. dataREADY helps make this daunting task a possibility. 


Joe Thomas, Associate Vice President, Digital Engineering