Creating the building blocks of a digital bank

Deploying DevOps practices to create a brand-new digital business and achieve lasting digital transformation.
Creating the building blocks of a digital bank

Our client was a bank serving customers in Asia and around the world. With sustained success over many decades, the client had built up a strong legacy of client service, but also a great deal of legacy IT. Our client wanted to achieve digital transformation while continuing to excel at its core business, and formed a vision for a new digital bank.   

Understanding that legacy systems and practices were holding back innovation, the client turned to Pactera EDGE to help create a new development framework – one that would allow the bank to be more reliable, more agile, and deliver a truly differentiated customer experience.  

Key Successes 

  • Modernized legacy IT processes by building a practice based on DevOps principles 
  • Helped to build an entirely new digital product by supporting the creation of an online bank 
  • Laid the foundations for digital transformation of the wider business 

Moving to DevOps

Meeting the challenge of digital transformation began with IT. The client needed to move faster, bringing new ideas and innovations to market more rapidly, with fewer errors – and it needed to begin immediately.  

To achieve this, Pactera EDGE was brought in to help move the bank to a DevOps framework. In an earlier engagement, Pactera EDGE had walked the client through a number of DevOps proof-of-concept projects, creating the opportunity to develop a foundation of expertise.  

Our new challenge was much greater: scale up DevOps principles from pilot projects to becoming the very core of the way that their digital bank software development life cycle was conceived, planned, executed, and iterated.  

Building a Scalable Digital Bank 

Pactera EDGE partnered with the client to provide a range of DevOps consulting and technology services, putting in place cornerstone DevOps practices that will form the foundations for a scalable digital bank. These practices include:  

  • a branching strategy to support the more reliable creation of features and updates 
  • build automation to make product creation more repeatable 
  • containerization of software to boost portability and efficiency across computing environments
  • application monitoring, identifying and measuring key performance metrics so that issues can be addressed more quickly. 

The software development lifecycle is being rolled out in digital bank will feed back into the wider business as the bank’s skills and capabilities grow. Ultimately, DevOps will become the basis for IT development across the entire bank.  


Our client is continuing on its journey of digital transformation, building out a banking product that is unburdened by legacy IT systems and practices and entirely digitally native. Pactera EDGE continues to work with the client to realize their digital vision for the future.