From Vision to Action

Enterprises invest in their strategic vision. The challenge is to translate that vision into compelling experiences for customers. 

Strategy helps chart a course through crowded markets. But even smart strategy doesn’t always result in customer-facing initiatives that will realize greatness.  

It isn’t easy to make the leap from setting objectives to meeting customer needs. Consultants can help by gathering information, but often what’s missing isn’t more data – it’s trust in ideas. 

What can close this trust gap is consultative co-creation: working alongside customers to deeply understand their perspectives. Steeped in design research, Pactera EDGE’s consulting process gives enterprises confidence that strategy will have real-world impact. 

Our Consulting Capabilities


Transformation Roadmapping

We help business leaders chart a course for transformation by identifying areas of opportunity and delivering a plan of action.

Digital Readiness

Our team works with yours to unite your people, processes, and platforms and build a foundation for digital innovation.

AI Readiness

Strengthen core competencies, transform business models, and accelerate the journey toward AI-enabled business.

Organizational Training

Leveraging a multifaceted curriculum, Pactera EDGE training drives personal development, cultural change, and enterprise-wide innovation.

What Sets Pactera EDGE Apart

Product Mindset

Execution is everything, so our ultimate focus is on possible products – not abstract ideas.

Founded in Research

Our human-centric approach delivers success by developing empathy for your customer.

Ready to Scale

Go beyond novel prototypes to craft products and experiences that have business impact.

True AI Natives

With more than a decade in AI, we’re uniquely equipped to help clients leverage intelligent systems.

Execution Experts

Technical chops and market know-how equip us to realize ambitious prototypes as working products.

Sprint-Based Prototyping

Build Minimum Lovable Products, so you can ‘fail fast’ and invest where you see proven potential.

The promise of AI will be realized by putting the needs of people first. When businesses take a mindful approach towards AI by being aware and purposeful of the intentions and emotions we hope to evoke, we will create AI experiences that truly augment human potential.

Mark Persaud, Head of Emerging Experiences