The AI Data Preparation Grind

Curating the right data for AI training is an effort-intensive process – but you can’t afford to cut corners.  

AI effectiveness depends on data quality. A faulty model trained on poor data is time, budget, and morale down the drain.  

But obtaining – and trusting – your data is not easy. A scaled-up data collection and preparation effort can absorb endless resources. Compliance is also a challenge – privacy regulations are always evolving, and many organizations simply don’t know where personal information is being held.  

Bringing the preparation burden down to size requires an approach where human effort is augmented by intelligence and data quality isn’t a guess – it’s a certainty. 

Accelerating and Enabling Enterprise AI


Compliance with DATA-Sense

DATA-Sense automates the discovery, tagging, management, and generation of compliance-relevant data – helping ensure you’re protecting personal data and complying with regulations.

Data Management with dataREADY™

Shrink the human QA effort with dataREADY™, Pactera EDGE’s tech-infused methodology for data ingestion, transformation, cleaning, and reduction.

Pact.AI Data Pipeline Management (DPM)

We build and scale the critical data infrastructure to enable you to move, store, and leverage high-quality data.

AI Enablement

Our team goes hands-on to help cleanse, label, and annotate business data so it can deliver the most benefit when training your AI, and can offer pre-labeled data and pre-trained model APIs.

Data Curation, Annotation + Labeling

When you’re training AI, it’s garbage in, garbage out. We leverage nearly two decades of experience and a global network of resources to procure quality, model-worthy data.

Model Prototyping

When a new challenge requires a new model, we can build a demonstration model to serve as proof of concept, or build a specialized pilot AI model in as little as 8-16 weeks.

Why Organizations Choose Pactera EDGE

Innovation Meets Experience

With experts on the forefront of AI, our team is uniquely equipped to guide yours into the future.

Global Resource Network

Pactera EDGE has a talent pool of hundreds of thousands of individuals from around the world.

Start Small and Scale

We create trust by building solutions that show measurable results and iterating over time.
Jonas Ryberg

It’s simple: Your AI is only as good as the data that trains it. If you can’t trust your data, then you can’t trust the results, either. By making quality data available at scale, the Pactera EDGE team can contribute to AI models with unmatched efficiency and assurance.


Jonas Ryberg, Chief Globalization Officer