From Data to Intelligence

The amount of data available to the enterprise should enable extraordinary insights – instead, it’s become part of the problem.  

Enterprises accumulate huge volumes of data, which can offer deep insights and monetization opportunities. But few are leveraging even their structured data to the maximum.   

Enter AI and Machine Learning models, which can quickly draw conclusions from both structured and unstructured data – paving the way for intelligent analytics. 

But even if high-quality data is available, the right models must be built, trained, and optimized to make the most of it. That requires not only technical skill, but a business-minded analytics team that’s silo-free and touches every part of the organization. 

Modernizing Analytics for the Enterprise


Business Intelligence + Data Visualization

Simplify tracking KPIs and making decisions with powerful business intelligence dashboards and data visualizations.

Decision Science

Use AI to help find risks and opportunities, combining big data and business acumen in machine-assisted decision-making.

Business Optimization

Apply AI to complex processes, supply chains, and more, unlocking unprecedented efficiencies.

Forecasting + Simulation

Anticipate demand, sales, and financial conditions, and explore what-if scenarios with the potential to significantly impact your business.

Prescriptive Analytics

Deploy AI to find issues or anomalies and automate data-informed recommendations or even decisions.

Why Pactera EDGE?

Strength in AI Execution

With a ‘twin-loop’ framework and 200,000 lines of reusable code, we can reach an MVP in months.

Consulting Mindset

We focus on critical business challenges to ensure our solutions are solving the right problems.

Experience Focus

We never lose sight of the humans who interpret the data, creating engaging, easy-to-use interfaces.
Vasudevan Sundarababu

AI has the power to give business leaders an entirely new vantage point of their business, where insights they never saw before are finally in focus. In today’s market, where every competitive advantage counts, that could be a true difference-maker.


Vasudevan Sundarababu, SVP, Head of Digital Engineering Practice